Saturday, March 21, 2015

Eternity - Infinity


I stayed home from church one day because I felt this NEED to paint...alone, as my act of worship for this day.  In all honesty I was feeling a little disillusioned and lonely in our large large congregation. All my fault I'm sure...if I would just "apply myself" to become involved, seek out sources of encouragement, (yada yada yada....) - basically I just needed God to see me and me alone this day, without distractions and anxieties - thoughts.  I enjoyed myself!  I just wanted to put every color on the canvas and splash swirls in oil paint.  I did that and quickly found this painting become a bit of a mess, a bit of chaos, overwhelming the senses with color, and just what the heck was it??
This painting sat for 3 weeks drying and then I added the dots for a bit of focus - didn't like those either...hmmmmm
I let it sit 2 more weeks in the dark, then into the light for a few days.  Then revelation came to me from the Lord.  I heard the question, "what does the shape look like?"  Well, hmmm, the shape looks like and infinity symbol.  Infinity, forever, eternal...eternity!  The steadfast love of the Lord is forever!  The kingdom is forever...God has put eternity into the hearts of men.  We flow, life flows, all of creation flows...into infinity, into eternity with the Lord.  What do you see?


  1. LOVE it! I love how this was a work in progress and how God brought you the revelation.

  2. Wow,it's amazing how a simple drawing could bring out deeper meanings and beyond. Nice!