Sunday, August 21, 2016


      As I was reading the scripture from Zephania1:13 , the statement from the Lord that he would "punish those who are complacent, who are like wine left on it's dregs"(NIV) - It jus hit me that I feel exactly like that wine left on it's dregs...left untouched, almost empty as when people leave the last swallow of milk in the fridge and never touch it again.  Valued and useless at the same time.  Am I complacent?  Neither hot nor cold?  I am both!  I feel just about empty and what is left is starting to sour. In this painting I used pouring medium to "pour my heart out" in color...the different colors are of a vineyard and the grapes, various purple, yellow, and burgundy.  The green leaves of the vine together with the produce of that vine are the life and the New Wine that I need.  I feel like the dregs...I need to be filled with the fullness of the Vine again.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Peace, Joy, and Love series

    This is a series that I started based on song lyrics from a very old gospel tune...those of you who know it will recognize the titles of each painting.  First painting is called "Peace like a River", the second is titled "Joy like a Fountain" an the third is titled "Love like an Ocean".  I painted these as a sort of prophetic declaration over my family; I declare and believe for these over my household in the name of Jesus!  I'm posting this for me AND you.
This past year has been one of great pain and stretching beyond my limits when it comes to my family, the stress and chaos has been overwhelming and I have found myself fearful and anxious unlike any other time in my history.  I also have these three (peace, joy and love) beyond measure available to me and I lean on, fall on, and collapse apon this promise of God.  Jesus is the Rock that is higher than I, I fall apon Him and I am broken.  He picks up the pieces of me and crafts them together...I picture myself looking like crackled glass afterwards, but when the LIGHT of the world shines through it, what a beautiful crackled glass it is.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Eternity - Infinity


I stayed home from church one day because I felt this NEED to paint...alone, as my act of worship for this day.  In all honesty I was feeling a little disillusioned and lonely in our large large congregation. All my fault I'm sure...if I would just "apply myself" to become involved, seek out sources of encouragement, (yada yada yada....) - basically I just needed God to see me and me alone this day, without distractions and anxieties - thoughts.  I enjoyed myself!  I just wanted to put every color on the canvas and splash swirls in oil paint.  I did that and quickly found this painting become a bit of a mess, a bit of chaos, overwhelming the senses with color, and just what the heck was it??
This painting sat for 3 weeks drying and then I added the dots for a bit of focus - didn't like those either...hmmmmm
I let it sit 2 more weeks in the dark, then into the light for a few days.  Then revelation came to me from the Lord.  I heard the question, "what does the shape look like?"  Well, hmmm, the shape looks like and infinity symbol.  Infinity, forever, eternal...eternity!  The steadfast love of the Lord is forever!  The kingdom is forever...God has put eternity into the hearts of men.  We flow, life flows, all of creation flows...into infinity, into eternity with the Lord.  What do you see?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Wind Blows

     The wind blows, and no one knows from where it comes or where it goes - and so it is with your Holy Spirit Lord. 
     I really feel like I co-painted this with the Holy Spirit.  The wind blows golden and bronze color leaves, and it's like underwater, or some place that exists only in the secret recesses of your communication with God.  As in all our our lives, we go through seasons and there is beauty in the seasons; even in pain there can be a certain beauty; even when something seems like it's dying, there is hope for a resurrection and rebirth of new dreams.  Let me not miss your artistic creation all around me, Lord.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Though I Sleep My Heart is Awake

     I started this painting live while participationg at the FUSE event in Fremont.  I could not get past the blackness I started.  All I had to show for the time was just the moon and stars - the rest just black.  I attempted several ideas and ended up painting black over the top of them...then I let the canvas sit, in the dark, for 3 weeks.  I finally had an idea and vision for the finish and added the tree and heart.  A beautiful pinky/bluish hue glowing in the moonlight.  The Biblical verse and song chorus was in my head:" though I sleep, my heart is awake".  Even though the trees are bare, they bend and curl to protect the heart.  Even in  a barren season of my life, my heart is  ALIVE, AWAKE and ever listening to the Father.  It may be a dark time, but there is a small light of hope - always darkest just before the dawn.  Dreams may lie dormant, but the season will change... light will shine forth.