Friday, November 27, 2015

Peace, Joy, and Love series

    This is a series that I started based on song lyrics from a very old gospel tune...those of you who know it will recognize the titles of each painting.  First painting is called "Peace like a River", the second is titled "Joy like a Fountain" an the third is titled "Love like an Ocean".  I painted these as a sort of prophetic declaration over my family; I declare and believe for these over my household in the name of Jesus!  I'm posting this for me AND you.
This past year has been one of great pain and stretching beyond my limits when it comes to my family, the stress and chaos has been overwhelming and I have found myself fearful and anxious unlike any other time in my history.  I also have these three (peace, joy and love) beyond measure available to me and I lean on, fall on, and collapse apon this promise of God.  Jesus is the Rock that is higher than I, I fall apon Him and I am broken.  He picks up the pieces of me and crafts them together...I picture myself looking like crackled glass afterwards, but when the LIGHT of the world shines through it, what a beautiful crackled glass it is.


  1. Beautiful, Laura! Just beautiful....the art and the words. I know what you mean about finding yourself fearful and anxious this year....I am fighting the same thing here and refuse to let Satan win. This was a fantastic reminder for my soul.

  2. Your work is beautiful Laura! Praise him for for your talents.