Saturday, September 13, 2014

Glorious Rain

     I began this painting as a sunset, beautiful glorious and firery sunset.  But as per my usual, I use hyper color when painting and added the purple.  As I went on, I made a mistake and all the sudden it looked like rain - so I went with it and went all out painting the flow of rain.  I became upset with myself for "ruining" it and planned on scrapping it and painting over the piece.  I let it sit for a couple days and came back to it.  The lyrics to a chorus came to my heart: "Let the fire fall, Let the Wind blow, Let your Glory come down".  An old chorus from days of the Bethel worship music we sang at church.  This painting became a prophetic call for the Glory Rain (Reign) to come down.  It is both a physical rain we desperately need, but also a Spiritual rain which we desperately need as well.   A beautiful, sparkly, windy, royal, torrential rain. Send the Rain Lord!

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