Thursday, October 16, 2014

Though I Sleep My Heart is Awake

     I started this painting live while participationg at the FUSE event in Fremont.  I could not get past the blackness I started.  All I had to show for the time was just the moon and stars - the rest just black.  I attempted several ideas and ended up painting black over the top of them...then I let the canvas sit, in the dark, for 3 weeks.  I finally had an idea and vision for the finish and added the tree and heart.  A beautiful pinky/bluish hue glowing in the moonlight.  The Biblical verse and song chorus was in my head:" though I sleep, my heart is awake".  Even though the trees are bare, they bend and curl to protect the heart.  Even in  a barren season of my life, my heart is  ALIVE, AWAKE and ever listening to the Father.  It may be a dark time, but there is a small light of hope - always darkest just before the dawn.  Dreams may lie dormant, but the season will change... light will shine forth.

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